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TIOBE - C Coding Standard

SR:  A.5.1#1Checked automatically with code checker

Synopsis:C++ keywords must not be used as identifiers
Severity Level:6


In most cases, C++ keywords used as identifiers will be flagged immediately when porting C code to C++. However, some C++ compilers accept some keywords as identifiers because they do not support all the C++ concerps. Here is a full list of C++ keywords that are not present in C:


asm bool catch class const_cast delete dynamic_cast false 
friend inline mutable namespace new operator private protected 
public reinterpret_cast static_cast template this throw true 
try typeid using virtual wchar_t

None of these should be used in C.

Also note the following ISO C++ reserved identifiers which should not be used as identifiers:


and and_eq bitand bitor compl not not_eq or or_eq xor xor_eq

In addition, do not use the following identifiers which are currently under consideration as keywords in ISO C++:


constructor destructor require