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TIOBE - Java Coding Standard

Rule:  Controversial14Checked automatically with code checker

This rule is Obsolete
Synopsis:Make sure variable assignment has been performed correctly
Severity Level:5


The dataflow analysis tracks local definitions, undefinitions and references to variables on different paths on the data flow. From those informations there can be found various problems.

  • 1. UR - Anomaly: There is a reference to a variable that was not defined before. This is a bug and leads to an error.
  • 2. DU - Anomaly: A recently defined variable is undefined. These anomalies may appear in normal source text.
  • 3. DD - Anomaly: A recently defined variable is redefined. This is ominous but don't have to be a bug.
public class Foo {
    public void foo() {
	 int buz = 5;
	 buz = 6; // redefinition of buz -> dd-anomaly
	 buz = 2; 
    } // buz is undefined when leaving scope -> du-anomaly