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TIOBE - Java Coding Standard

Rule:  Controversial8Checked automatically with code checker

Synopsis:Suspicious decimal characters following octal escape in string literal
Severity Level:1

A suspicious octal escape sequence was found inside a String literal. The Java language specification (section 3.10.6) says an octal escape sequence inside a literal String shall consist of a backslash followed by: OctalDigit | OctalDigit OctalDigit | ZeroToThree OctalDigit OctalDigit Any octal escape sequence followed by non-octal digits can be confusing, e.g. "\038" is interpreted as the octal escape sequence "\03" followed by the literal character "8".
public class Foo {
 public void foo() {
  // interpreted as octal 12, followed by character '8'
  System.out.println("suspicious: \128");