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C++ Coding Standard

Philips Healthcare - C++ Coding Standard

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issued by the CCB Coding Standards Philips Healthcare



This document defines the Philips Healthcare C++ Coding Standard. The coding standard consists of rules and recommendations for C++ code written and/or maintained by the Philips Healthcare SW departments. It replaces department specific C++ coding standards [Schaick] and [Tongeren].


The coding standard is based on the rules and recommendations of several sources. These include "Industrial Strength C++" [ISC++], "Philips Medical Systems C Coding Standard" [Hatton], "PMS-MR C++ Coding Standard" [Tongeren], and "CIS C++ Development Guidelines" [Schaick].

The procedure to be followed when a rule must be broken is outside the scope of this document. This procedure should be defined at project or department level.

This coding standard specifies rules

The Philips Healthcare C++ coding standard does not attempt to teach how to design effective C++ code. It also does not categorically rule out any programming idioms that C++ is designed to support. Background information on the rationale for C++ language design decisions are documented in [StroustrupDE]. Applying C++ effectively is the subject of e.g. [Stroustrup], which also lists many useful advises at the end of each chapter.

Document Layout

The coding standard document consists of a set of rules. Rules are grouped together logically into so called categories. Each chapter deals with one category. A rule description contains the following items: