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C++ Coding Standard

Rule:  COM#003Checked automatically with code checker

Synopsis:All comments are to be written in US-English
Severity Level:10


Fewer programmers may understand comments written in your native language (unless your native language is US English). Note that comments shall especially not contain any Greek or other symbolic non-ASCII tokens, because they are not portable and cannot be handled properly by the lexical analyzers of certain tools. See also [NAM#001].

/** \file Copyright (c) 2012-2015 TomTom International B.V. All rights reserved. This software is the proprietary copyright of TomTom International B.V. and may be used for internal evaluation purposes or commercial use strictly subject to separate licensee agreement between you and TomTom. If you are the licensee, you are only permitted to use this Software in accordance with the terms of your license agreement. If you are not the licensee then you are not authorised to use this software in any manner and should immediately return it to TomTom International B.V. **/

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