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C++ Coding Standard

Rule:  OOP#002

Synopsis:A public method must never return a non-const reference or pointer to member data
Severity Level:2
Category:Object Oriented Programming


This prevents the calling method from being able to manipulate the data member.


 class Account
      Account( int myMoney ) : moneyAmount( myMoney ) {};
      const int& getSafeMoney() const { return moneyAmount; }
      int& getRiskyMoney() const { return moneyAmount; }   // No!
      // ...
      int moneyAmount;
  Account myAcc(10);   // I'm a poor lonesome programmer a long way from home
  myAcc.getSafeMoney() += 1000000;  // Compilation error: assignment to constant
  myAcc.getRiskyMoney() += 1000000; // myAcc::moneyAmount = 1000010 !!

Singleton patterns are an exception to this rule. Well-known examples of other exceptions to this rule are container classes (e.g. std::vector), operator<<, operator= and various Qt methods.

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